Why Quizzes

Why Would You WANT to Publish Simple Little Quizzes on Your Website?

The short answer: if you like traffic, you’ll like these quizzes.

I come from an SEO background. SEO used to be the only thing I focused on and it used to be the source of almost ALL my traffic.

The “SEO landscape” has changed a lot, recently. And even though it’s all about social and viral traffic, the Viral Quiz Builder plugin was actually born from my SEO background.

You see, there are two major new factors that you need to be thinking about, if you want to get a steady stream of free Google traffic:


Google is watching user behavior in their search results. Unless you can ENGAGE your visitors and make them “stick” to your site, your rankings will tank. That’s a fact.

Google is also paying attention to what people are socially sharing on twitter, facebook, etc. Getting social mentions can be a huge contributor to your rankings. That’s also a fact.

Ever since this has become clear, I’ve been looking for easy ways to GENERATE higher user engagement and more social shares.

Fluffy Social Media AdviceMost of the advice about this kind of stuff is “fluffy” to put it kindly. “Be active in social media”, “Write great content”, “Join discussions in your niche”… that’s all good advice, but it’s very vague. It’s also very difficult to MEASURE the results of “being active in social media”.

hat’s where Viral Quiz Builder comes in.

Viral Quiz Builder does two things that will get you more traffic and more social shares:

1) Viral Quiz Builder Generates Irresistible Quizzes

In my first test, 79% of the people landing on my quiz page completed the quiz! That’s 79% of my visitors interacting with my website! For anything other than a quiz, that’s pretty much unheard of.

Here’s a comparison to other interaction/engagement metrics on a “content page” (and when I say content page I mean a page with very good, high quality content). 

2) Viral Quiz Builder Generates Highly Shareable Results

We’ve established that this plugin gets people’s attention unlike anything else. So, your visitors arrive at your website, complete the quiz… and then what?

What happens next is that they are presented with a “badge”, that shows their result. Here are a few examples: