Understanding the Power of Marketing towards Families

It is important to be aware that marketing towards families may be more beneficial than marketing towards a certain age bracket or demographic. If marketing can be implemented to suit the wants and needs of the whole family, it will benefit everyone in the family, and they will all have a positive outlook on the business that provided this. For example, in McDonald’s a child will receive a happy meal with a toy- the marketing behind that is that kids love toys, and they love fast food, so this has been directed to the child. However, they have also implemented marketing to the adults in the form of incentive values and low-priced hot drinks for the adults. Most adults don’t get much food from McDonald’s, and the 6-sticker hot drink system works well for the adults as it entices them to work towards that 7th free hot drink. This way, everyone in the family leaves satisfied and content to want to come back and enjoy that experience again. 



Being aware of the consumer’s demands is important, and tailoring for it is what makes businesses successful. Families can come in all shapes and sizes, with different situational factors that affect the relationship they will have with the business. If a business markets its product to suit everybody within the family, it is most likely that this will maximize sales and create a larger profit margin in the future. Returning families are better than a single returning customer.  



Success can be ensured when businesses tailor to suit the needs of a family. This is why it is important to ensure that there something in the market that appeals to all ages and everybody in the family to ensure that families become return customers. If a business is able to successfully market that then the loyalty of the business will be strengthened, and families will constantly rely on and trust the company to have the best interest of their demands.  


Passive activities  

Some businesses in the entertainment industry offer family-centered activities that allow the family to also involve the parents to participate and enjoy the fun such as swimming classes as a family or boardgame sessions for everyone to join in. And sometimes activities are tailored just for the kids while the adults can sit and relax and enjoy a coffee with the free Wi-Fi that has been given as an incentive for the adults. This form of business appeals to every family member, making sure that everyone is happy and content with the experience they are undergoing.  



Children love toys and games, and a board game is een uitstekende keuze als cadeau voor jongens van 8 jaar. What makes it better is that a board game can be played by everyone in the family, and incorporating everyone can help the family bond together and enjoy something as a whole which many families struggle to do. Focus on this imagery and you are sure to increase your sales ten-fold.

Understanding the Power of Marketing towards Families

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