The Experts Guide to Successfully Marketing Your Twitch Stream

If you are someone who uses Twitch to stream content, you will be aware of how long it can take to gain some attention for your streaming channel. Unless you already have a name for yourself on the site, it can be really difficult to gain enough viewers to make streaming feel worthwhile. For some people, it is crucial to get enough viewers on their streams as a lot of the content creators on Twitch have left their everyday job in order to pursue their streaming careers.  Viewers are the main source of income for Twitch streamers, as they donate money and attract companies to advertise on the streamer’s stream.  One of the main ways that you can successfully ensure that your Twitch account gains some attention is by putting some effort into your marketing techniques. However, having good marketing techniques is easier said than done, as not every marketing technique will work for your platform.  Here is our advice on how successfully market your twitch stream.


Have a social media presence

Though the main platform that you operate on maybe Twitch, you still need to make sure that you are maintaining a social media presence on other platforms in order to successfully market your twitch account. Though Twitch is a really good platform, it does not give you the opportunity to engage with your fans as much as other social media platforms. Other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook allow you to post daily updates about what is going on in your everyday life and any updates that you may be made to your Twitch. Having an active social media presence also means that you will be easy to contact anyone that would like to collaborate with your brand. This also means that you will be able to network with fellow streamers, which could potentially lead to you gaining more followers in the future.


Make funny content

One of the best marketing techniques that you can utilize is making sure you have a well-liked brand. Essentially as a streamer, you are your brand. Because of this, you want to make sure that you are always engaging with your audience and offering entertainment. You can do a lot of things to ensure this. If you are someone that streams games, make sure that you are offering an amusing or interesting commentary. Also make sure the games that you are playing are current and fun, as people won’t want to watch you play outdated or boring games.


Be Respectful of the Platform

Another way that you can really market your twitch is by gaining a positive reputation for yourself. A lot of streamers will go to some extreme lengths to gain popularity for their channel, which can often lead to them losing some respect. One of the main ways that people really damage their reputation on the site is by interacting poorly with other streamers. Something that all streamers hate from other streamers is stream sniping. You may be wondering, what is stream sniping?  Stream sniping happens when two streamers are playing games together and the other streamer uses Twitch to find out the position of the other streamer. If these people are good friends and the stream isn’t serious, then this can be quite funny and really entertaining for the viewers. However, there have been cases of serious tournaments being played on the switch and some of the streamers taking part have cheated in order to get first place.


Though this may have meant that they won the tournaments that they played, this led to a lot of respect being lost and ultimately a decrease in viewers. Because of this, it is best to avoid doing things like this while trying to build an audience as this can really affect your streaming popularity.



Though a lot of people don’t mind waiting for their fanbase to slowly build over time, it can understandingly get frustrating working for so long and seeing slow results. Due to this, a lot of Twitch streamers use other advertising techniques in order to advertise their Twitch accounts. This is done in a number of ways, but the most popular way that it is done is by buying advertising space on other social media platforms.  Youtube is a very popular place for Twitchers to advertise their accounts as both platforms share a large audience base, so if you advertise your Twitch account on Youtube, you are more likely to gain new viewers.



Another fantastic way to advertise your Twitch account is by forming friendships with your fellow twitch streamers. This does not mean that you have to form fake relationships with people on the platform, as it is likely that you will find people that share your interests and that you get on with. Forming these friendships is extremely useful for marketing your Twitch account, as you will be able to show what kind of content you offer on someone else’s account, which may lead to their fans also deciding to watch you.  Not only this but building these relationships will also give you the opportunity to learn more about the platform and what techniques work when trying to gain a bigger audience. Not only this, but working on a platform like Twitch deprives you of the same work relationships that you would get at a normal job, so this gives you a chance to make friends with people who work in the same area.

The Experts Guide to Successfully Marketing Your Twitch Stream

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