The 4 Best Physical Marketing Strategies You Should Be Using

Marketing is a tricky beast to master. Especially in our increasingly digital world. The current climate created by this pandemic has moved a lot of previously in-person ventures to purely online. Students aren’t attending face-to-face classes. Office workers no longer commuter in, rather working from home. And many high-street stores are instead moving their stock to online sales only.

It might seem that this shift in social dynamics means the practice of marketing is also going to shift to a fully online landscape. And this is partly true. There will be less need for physical marketing. But it by no means that physical marketing strategies should be forgotten.


Return to Normal

In fact, if you really want to get ahead you should be preparing some physical marketing campaigns. The world won’t stay like this forever. Soon people will find a way to get back to life in person, rather than digitally. And when they do, you need to be ready to capitalize on it. So, here are 4 of the Best Physical Marketing Strategies you should be using.



A few years ago rubber wristbands were the biggest craze going. Being used for everything from viral marketing campaigns to raising money for worthy causes. They were a hot fashion item paired with a powerful advertising tool. And recently they have faded into obscurity a bit, mainly due to the environmental implications of their production and disposal.

But, with new advancements in biodegradable synthetic rubbers, there is no doubt that they could easily make a comeback. Which is why they are one of the best physical marketing items available to you. The best strategy to employ with these is giving them out for free. People love getting free stuff. So much so that they often try to get as much use out of something simply because it was free. While you may be down on money after buying the wristbands, the amount of value you’ll get from the advertisement space is worth it.


Free Sample

This really works best if you are working in the food sector. Free samples of your food is a great way to get people to understand what you are all about and to present a positive image of you and your establishment.

Giving free samples means you’re confident about your food. People will pick up on this and will be more likely to attend your establishment. People can also be skeptical about trying a new restaurant for fear of not liking the food. So getting ahead of that and giving them a taste is a fantastic way to get more bodies through the front door.



Everyone loves a hat. Especially in the sunny seasons. And the classic baseball caps with logos or slogans on it are fairly cheap to produce. Similar to the wristband plan, you will want to create hats with your companies logo on it. Try to avoid slogans as people are less likely to wear a hat with lots of words printed across it. Whereas a stylized logo will stand out and look good.


Short Dated Vouchers

This is one of the most effective strategies you can employ. A short-dated voucher is a coupon that is dated to expire within a few days from when the customer gets it. By handing them out on the street, you can entice people to show up and make use of what is essentially an exclusive discount. People like to feel special and this is a great way of doing that. They will both be saving money and you will have earned a new customer. And it has been proven people are more likely to return to a store they got a discount at.


The 4 Best Physical Marketing Strategies You Should Be Using

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