Marketing Lesson: What Can be Learned From Fishmongers

In a world where everyone turns to bug corporate supermarkets for their everyday food requirements, it can be hard for small businesses like butchers and fishmongers to retain their success. It seems that people are caring less about where their food came from and are instead looking for convenience within pre-packaged easy to prepare meals. With all of the business hardships that smaller retailers like fishmongers face every day, there must be a way that they are still making a successful living.


Money Handling

Handling money is a very important business skill which requires experience, it is vital that you are proficient enough with the maths and that you can give people their change quickly whilst being sure the amount is correct. A traditional fishmonger will be able to work on a counter with ease and be able to do the calculations very easily, this skill requires confidence and knowledge of basic maths. Yet it can do wonders in terms of how professional you come across with your customers. Being able to handle money comes with practice and is a very useful skill that many people would benefit from learning in the business world.


Unique Knowledge of Fish and Fishing

There is a lot that many professionals within the food industry do not know about the fish they serve, it seems that having knowledge of your industry is something that is no longer required in order to convey professionalism. Fishmongers are the ones to visit if there is something you wish to know about cooking and preparing fish as well as factual information about how the fish live in their environment. From catfish care to how to find the biggest crabs your local fishmonger will be able to tell you it all.


Advertising a Small Business

Something that many fishmongers will have had to figure out very quickly would be how to effectively advertise their small business to a very direct market, the only people that are going to visit a local fishmonger are those looking to buy fish so it can become frustrating if the business becomes slower than usual. Location is a big thing for fishmongers and having a location on the seafront can be a real game-changer in terms of encouraging more customers into your shop, having fresh local fish is a great selling point so many fishmongers have learned to take advantage of this.


Work Ethic

One of the most significant business lessons that can be learned from traditional fishmongers would have to be having a good work ethic, many fishmongers are small family-run businesses that are just trying to earn an honest living. The hours can be rough, and I imagine it is not very nice having to carry and prepare large amounts of fish every day, yet it seems that when you visit the fishmongers the customer service and friendliness are unlike a lot of the professional establishments you can visit. No matter how stressful your day gets, customer service should be valued no matter what kind of business you are in.

Marketing Lesson: What Can be Learned From Fishmongers

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