How to Perfect Your Global Marketing Strategy in 2021

Marketing is a strange beast. The winning strategies for being successful in the field of marketing are seemingly shifting and changing every day. And you have to consider what type of marketing you are looking at as well, as each type has its own rules and tactics that need to be used to make sure you are successful.

And one of the most difficult forms of marketing is Global Marketing. As the name suggests, Global Marketing is simply marketing a product, service, or idea to a global stage, rather than to a specific country. But there are some nitty-gritty details about global marketing we have to cover first before we can tell you how to perfect your Global Marketing Strategy.


Global Marketing

The first thing to understand is that, while you are going to be marketing your product globally, that doesn’t mean you are trying to reach every single demographic on the planet. That would be nice in an ideal world. But the truth is there will always be people who dislike your product. So marketing something globally is instead about capturing your key demographic in multiple countries.

You also need to understand that different cultures view advertisers and adverts differently. So you will need to be sensitive and respectful of those cultures and their views. Otherwise, you will quickly find yourself with a PR nightmare. So, with that out the way let’s look at how you can perfect your Global Marketing Strategy.



The start of any marketing campaign. This part is especially important for global marketing. Even if you have already successfully launched a product in the US, you will need to do research in every country you plan to market to. For example, say you sell the besten geschenke für schulanfänger jungs in America. The products children like here might be hated in other parts of the world.

Use things like surveys and census data to find the information you need. Look at market trends for these countries and examine what products are selling and what products aren’t. Questionnaires are a very powerful tool when it comes to market research. If you interview people while they are out shopping you will get lots of honest, raw data which will be invaluable to your campaign.


Changing Demographics

When you are looking at expanding abroad you might be surprised to find that the demographic for your product has changed depending on the country. What is popular among young people in your home country might be super popular amongst the older community abroad.

This is something you need to account for in your marketing. So when you start creating your adverts, try not to make them too specific to a single demographic. Use a broader approach to start with. After you start selling the product, and therefore establish who your key demographic is, you can switch up the adverts to target that demographic more.



The quality of your advertisements is important. You have most likely seen hundreds of terribly acted infomercials playing on TV during the day. And none of them inspire confidence in a customer. That is why quality is important.

An advert will directly reflect the quality of the product or service you are selling. No one wants to buy something from somewhere trashy. The same goes for an advert. So you will want to invest a fair amount of money into making sure your advert is good as it can be.

If you are creating a TV Commercial, you will want to hire a great director, producer and splash out for actual actors. If you fill the scene with your friends, you will get poor results. You will want to hire a decent editor as well, to make sure the whole thing is cut together properly. Nothing screams unprofessional like poor editing.

If you are working on a campaign based around billboards or still images, you will want to consider hiring a decent graphic artist or hiring a high-end photographer to make sure your adverts look fantastic. And it will help your companies reputation if you are supporting the arts.


Marketing Globally comes with its own host of issues. The biggest being that you now have a whole new area of customers that might need support or want to make inquires into your product. So you need to make sure they are able to get in touch with a representative of your company easily. To that end, make sure the contact information for your company is readily available.

You also want to make sure it is clear what you are selling. Overly ambiguous adverts serve no purpose but to confuse and annoy people. So, be clear, precise, and informative. If you are, you will sell a lot more.





How to Perfect Your Global Marketing Strategy in 2021

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