7 SEO Tips for Small Businesses in Perth

7 SEO Tips for Small Businesses in Perth

Keyword Research for Perth

A great way to start is to figure out what keywords are most searched for in Perth, in relation to your business. SEO works off of keywords. So for example, if you run a pet store you will want to know what words and phrases are searched for in that field. Websites like Ahrefs can show you how popular certain phrases and keywords are. From this, you can figure out how to better optimize your website and articles. This leads to the next point.

How to Create Good Titles

Titles and Subtitles are important in SEO. An article’s title, for example, is what will show up on Google. So once you’ve done your keyword research you need to figure out how to integrate these keywords into an effective title. For example, if the most searched word for animals is ‘Dog treats’ you might want to create a title like ‘The Best Dog Treats Your Furry Friend will Adore.’ The use of the word will ensure your article shows up more.

Focus on Perth

As a small business, you will want to focus on the local nature of your company. To that end, you want to make use of a lot of keywords relating to Perth. Mentions other local businesses. The nearby beaches. This will improve your engagement and your standing on Google for people searching for businesses in Perth.

Hire a Professional

There is a lot to be said for attempting all of this yourself. But if you want really good results you will want to outsource your SEO needs to a professional. There are plenty of SEO services Perth that can provide your business with personalized and effective SEO service. The biggest advantage here is they will have access to a number of advanced tools that will greatly improve your results.

Research Top Competitors

The best way to get some insight into how to improve your website is to research your competitors. Find the businesses who rank first on Google, in your field of course, and study their website design, layout, and use of keywords and phrases throughout. Make note of their posting frequency and how many articles appear on their homepage.

Try Establish Backlinks

A good way to improve your standing on Google is to establish backlinks on other sites. A backlink is any link that leads to your page. So if you got another business to link to your page, this would boost your standing on Google. So it could be in your interest to team up with other businesses in Peth. You can work in tandem to boost each other’s sites. But make sure the backlinks are organic and not just randomly inserted into non-relevant articles.

Content Quality

You could get all the right keywords and hundreds of backlinks. But if your content is spammy or trash, it’s all worthless. You need to produce good quality content with correct grammar and relevant topic information. Google can detect content that is poorly written or clearly spam. To that end, it is always worth hiring dedicated content producers to ensure a certain level of quality.

7 SEO Tips for Small Businesses in Perth

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