How to Create a Quiz to Impress Your Audience and Grow Your Business

Create a Quiz

Finding a quiz website isn’t hard these days; you may come across such a page every day. Most people find it an interesting way to spend time, and, therefore, it comes as no surprise that websites such as BuzzFeed are making some good money out of it. Binge-worthy quizzes are being offered on many sites now, which may include questions related to the entertainment industry, politics, science, or anything beneath and beyond the sky. Some amusing facts are also sold through such quizzes. Finding one’s spirit animal and herbs that are connected to the spirits; there is never a dearth for concepts when it comes to cooking up quizzes on the internet.

Many brands have also been using this technique to get a better view of the interests of their customers. Ice cream flavors that sustain in the markets are, in many cases, found out through a quiz by targeting the ice cream loving audience. Better leads are also generated for all brands with such quizzes. Improving your business through one such quiz should be easy if you have the right questions to research the market. If you are planning such a thing, make sure to add Typeform or Google Forms to your site in order to embed the quiz to your website. This is a much better method of reaching out to the public without creating a whole new page for the quiz. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while creating a quiz for your business.

Google Forms

1. Titles are Important

If you want more people to answer the quiz, the most important aspect of it is to create an attractive title. Adding oomph to your title is the key to getting more clicks to your site. Find words that can enhance the alluring capacity of your title so that your quiz serves the purpose. Readers will head to the website to take the quiz if they want to feel validated of their knowledge in a particular subject.

2. Narrowing Down to the Right Type of Quiz

Once you have decided on the title, you need to check the type of quiz that is best for your website. If you are planning to do market research as a part of developing a new product, go for the personality test. Such quizzes will help you have a clearer picture of what the general attitude of the public is toward such products and changes. Understanding the psyche of the market niche is crucial, and personality tests are the right for your website in these cases. Information campaigns would be the result of knowledge tests, which is intended to gauge the level of knowledge of the audience. A marketing campaign can be planned the right way if such quizzes work well.

Narrowing Down

3. Content Used has to be Engaging

Using images and well-crafted questions on your website can entice more attendees to the platform. Make sure to regulate your content in such a way that it doesn’t intimidate your readers. No form of demerits should be awarded if answered incorrectly; that would prompt them to leave the quiz right away. Add fun to the questions by infusing images into them, thereby visually engaging the readers with more than just the text.

How to Create a Quiz to Impress Your Audience and Grow Your Business

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