Why Quizzes?

With Viral Quiz Builder, you can easily and quickly create simple little quizzes and display them on your WordPress website.

The question is:

Why Would You WANT to Publish Simple Little Quizzes on Your Website?

The short answer: if you like traffic, you’ll like these quizzes.

But let me elaborate.

I come from an SEO background. SEO used to be the only thing I focused on and it used to be the source of almost ALL my traffic.

The “SEO landscape” has changed a lot, recently. And even though it’s all about social and viral traffic, the Viral Quiz Builder plugin was actually born from my SEO background.

You see, there are two major new factors that you need to be thinking about, if you want to get a steady stream of free Google traffic:


Google is watching user behavior in their search results. Unless you can ENGAGE your visitors and make them “stick” to your site, your rankings will tank. That’s a fact.

Google is also paying attention to what people are socially sharing on twitter, facebook, etc. Getting social mentions can be a huge contributor to your rankings. That’s also a fact.

Ever since this has become clear, I’ve been looking for easy ways to GENERATE higher user engagement and more social shares.

Fluffy Social Media AdviceMost of the advice about this kind of stuff is “fluffy” to put it kindly. “Be active in social media”, “Write great content”, “Join discussions in your niche”… that’s all good advice, but it’s very vague. It’s also very difficult to MEASURE the results of “being active in social media”.

I want something more systematic than that. Something that isn’t just a method (that may or may not work) but a TOOL (that delivers consistent results).

That’s where Viral Quiz Builder comes in.

Viral Quiz Builder does two things that will get you more traffic and more social shares:

1) Viral Quiz Builder Generates Irresistible Quizzes

In my first test, 79% of the people landing on my quiz page completed the quiz! That’s 79% of my visitors interacting with my website! For anything other than a quiz, that’s pretty much unheard of.

Here’s a comparison to other interaction/engagement metrics on a “content page” (and when I say content page I mean a page with very good, high quality content). Of all the unique visitors:

  • 36% click on a video to play it (never mind watching all of it, that’s just the ones who even click on the play button!).
  • 23% actually watch the whole video (only a few minutes long).
  • 2.4% leave a comment.
  • 1.4% share the post socially.

And the above is for one of my better blog posts! The numbers on some of my less-than-brilliant niche sites are far worse still!

Compared to that, having a tool that gets eight out of ten visitors to actively engage with the site is knocking it out of the park and then some!

2) Viral Quiz Builder Generates Highly Shareable Results

We’ve established that this plugin gets people’s attention unlike anything else. So, your visitors arrive at your website, complete the quiz… and then what?

What happens next is that they are presented with a “badge”, that shows their result. Here are a few examples:

Viral Quiz Results Badges

Each visitor receives a badge which is a unique image with their result. Very importantly, it’s an actual image, not a background with a text overlay. Why does this matter? Because it means they can share the image on facebook and people will see the result they got. Or they can embed the badge on their own site or blog (including a link back to your site).

The next step offered by Viral Quiz Builder is to share the result.

Twitter sharingYour visitors can tweet about the quiz.

Facebook sharingYour visitors can share the quiz on facebook.

Copy and Paste to Your BlogYour visitors can embed the badge (linking back to your site) on their own blog.

The key is that in each case, the visitor is proudly sharing his or her unique result, but the link goes back to the beginning of your quiz!

This is a powerful combination. If you simply ask people to promote your stuff for you, you tend to get a limited reaction. “Please share my stuff” is you asking them to do something for you. As you know, all people are primarily concerned with themselves, so helping you out is low on their list of priorities.

Viral Quiz Builder does not ask people to promote your site. Instead, it gives them the opportunity to share their result. The sharing is about THEM, not about you. And it just so happens that in sharing their result, they also promote your site.

Sneaky, right?

This social sharing feature in Viral Quiz Builder can even lead to a viral effect:

Diagram: Viral Effect of the Quizzes

The result of all this is:

  • Using Viral Quiz Builder, you can grab your visitor’s attention very effectively (quizzes are practically addictive!).
  • Using Viral Quiz Builder, you will have more engaged users on your site.
  • Your Viral Quizzes will be shared socially, more than regular content.
  • Through the social shares, you will get traffic and backlinks to your site.
  • Because Google is paying attention to all of the above, using Viral Quiz Builder can even lead to better Google rankings and even more traffic!

Setting up a viral quiz like this would usually be quite difficult. You’d either have to program it yourself or hire a programmer to do it for you. It would be a long and expensive process.

With Viral Quiz Builder, you can have your first quiz up and running just minutes from now and you can start seeing the results right away.

It’s very simple: you create your quiz with the easy-to-use interface and then you simply insert your quiz with a short code, like this:

Short Code in Action

That means you can add your quiz to any page or post on your WordPress site. You can also have any kind of content above and/or below the quiz, if you like.

Here’s an Example Quiz:


Do you enjoy parties and celebration events?


How do you feel about co-workers and colleagues making small-talk?


Would your friends describe you as "quiet"?


Do you like being the center of attention?


If something is bothering you, what do you do?

NOTE: This is a fully functional quiz. Go ahead and try it out!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Isn’t this type of viral/social traffic completely useless? This is not “buying” traffic, after all. I can get the traffic, but will it generate more sales?

A: It’s true that you can’t expect the visitors generated by the quiz to be rabid buyers. They’re interested in the quiz. They might also be interested in what you’re selling, but it’s not their primary purpose.The intention of the Viral Quiz Builder Plugin is not to generate more buying traffic for you. Not directly, anyway. You see, the visitors you get from your quiz, the increased user engagement and the social signals generated are all things that can have a longer-term effect on your site. There is a “residual benefit” to your site, from the activity the quiz generates.


Q: This won’t work in my niche. The quizzes need to be funny and creative, right? I’m in the toe fungus/toilet paper/vintage shoe horn niche. There’s no potential for quizzes there.

A:That’s not a question.

Also: I used to think the same thing. But one of the sites I looked at, that inspired me to create Viral Quiz Builder once used a quiz about dinosaurs and bunk beds to help get more traffic and, yes, more sales for an ecommerce store selling bunk beds.

A little creativity can go a long way in any niche.


Q: I’m not a creative person. I’ll never be able to come up with good quizzes, so this isn’t for me, right?

A: Neither am I. Here are two parts of good news:

1) Even non-creative and relatively boring quizzes are much more engaging than “regular” content.

2) I’ll show you how I got a hilarious quiz written for me, in under a day and for less than $10. This is added as a bonus video for all Viral Quiz Builder customers.


Q: I’m not a designer and I don’t have any Photoshop skills. How can I avoid my result badges looking terrible?

A: We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to make nice, appealing looking results badges. Our editor is super simple to use and you have three options:

1) Create the badge image yourself. This requires some design skills. Not many, though and as a customer, you’ll also find a bonus video on some simple design tricks for creating badges.

2) Hire someone to create a badge for you. Again: you’d be surprised at how easy and cheap this is.

3) Use one of the 20+ badge templates that you get as a bonus with your Viral Quiz Builder purchase.

Here are a few examples:

Badge Templates

Q: I don’t have enough traffic to make this work. Don’t I need a ton of traffic to begin with, to get a viral effect?

A: Your chances of getting a significant viral effect are better the more initial traffic you have and the more creative and funny or outrageous your quiz is (see above). However, the key to Viral Quiz Builder is that it will result in a higher user engagement and more social shares than you’d get without it.

If you’re getting very little traffic right now, Viral Quiz Builder will still help you give your site a nudge in the right direction.


Q: I’m not a technical person. I’m no good at setting up complicated, techy stuff. Is Viral Quiz Builder another one of those over-complicated tools?

A: A lot of effort was put into making Viral Quiz Builder as easy to use and as intuitive as possible. In addition, we provide detailed instruction videos, a downloadable PDF manual and online step-by-step instructions in the customer’s area. I think you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create traffic-generating quizzes with this plugin!