So, you’re probably wondering: “what’s this quiz thing all about?”

That’s a question I will answer for you, but before we dive into details, the best way to see what Viral Quiz Builder is about is by just looking at a live, functional example of a Viral Quiz. Here it is:


What type of building are you situated in?

Where do you live?

What's the situation in terms of weapons?

Running is going to be important. Are you any good at it?

Do you have an already-prepared zombie apocalypse contingency plan?

Go ahead and give it a a try! It’s a very simple demo quiz with only two questions and it will take you no more than a few seconds to complete.


Supports All Autoresponders

Your Autoresponder Supported

Viral Quiz Builder integrates with all major email marketing services, including Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Infusionsoft and many more.

All you need to do is copy-paste your autoresponder’s form code and Viral Quiz Builder will automatically add all new leads to your lists.


Create Unlimited Quizzes

Run an unlimited number of quizzes on your site. Each quiz can be completely unique, with different questions, different content, different results etc.

You can also have any number of questions per quiz. From a simple one-question poll to a detailed, multi-question quiz, anything is possible.

No Limitations


Add Media to Your Quiz

Easily add images, video, audio or any other kind of content to your quizzes! Want a different image to go along with each question? No problem! Want to add a video, to boost the conversions of your opt-in gate? Sure thing!

If you can add the content or media you want in WordPress, you can add it to your quiz. It’s as simple as that.


Add Quizzes Anywhere

Easily add your Viral Quizzes anywhere on your WordPress website. Simply add the short code to any post or any page and your quiz will appear there.

This means you can use quizzes as part of the content in a blog post (e.g. quick poll at the end of a post) or you can create completely separate pages, just for a quiz.




Detailed Stats & Insights

Let’s not forget that quizzes can also be used to gain valuable insights into your market. What are your visitors’ prefences? What are their opinions on various topics?

Viral Quiz Builder provides you with detailed stats for all your quizzes, so you can use it as a polling and insights tool as well.


User Engagement

Viral Quiz Builder was originally created as a tool to increase user engagement. In fact, it was built as an SEO tool: Google is putting more and more emphasis on user factors like bounce rate and engagement. I wanted a tool that would make my websites “sticky”, something that would get people hooked and that would lead to higher engagement rates.

It turns out that Viral Quiz Builder is so good at engaging people that it spills out into other areas: once you have a visitor’s attention, you can get higher conversions on affiliate promotions (with personalized recommendations), get more opt-ins and much more!

Get More Social Media Traffic

Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter Traffic
If you’re a blogger or content creator, you know the problem with social media: it’s a huge, but hugely unfair traffic source.

You can slave away over a piece of content for ages, but someone who shares a silly picture with a second-rate joke on it will end up getting more social traffic than you can even hope for. Viral Quiz Builder gives you an edge and lets you tap into social traffic unlike anything else. People love to share images and they love to share their own stuff, so that’s exactly what your quizzes give them!

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

My primary concern is delivering a highly useful, effective and overall awesome product to you.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase of Viral Quiz Builder, I will refund your money, no questions asked.

I would much rather have a customer less, than an unhappy customer.

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Viral Quiz BuilderThere are three versions of Viral Quiz Builder: Single Site, Multi Site and Professional.

With the Single Site license, you can install Viral Quiz Builder on one WordPress website.

With the Multi Site license, you can install Viral Quiz Builder on as many of your own websites as you want.

With the Professional license, you can install Viral Quiz Builder on your own websites and on as many of your clients’ websites as you want.

Get the license that is right for you, and get started with your own viral quizzes right away:

Professional License:

Get the professional license and use Viral Quiz Builder to create highly engaging and traffic-generating quizzes on all of your own WordPress websites as well as your clients’ websites! You can even sell/flip websites with Viral Quiz Builder installed, with the developer license!

Special Offer: $197 only $147!

Also includes free updates for life!


Multi Site License:

Get the multi site license and use Viral Quiz Builder to create highly engaging and traffic-generating quizzes on all of your own WordPress websites!

Available for only $47!

Also includes free updates for life!


Single Site License:

Get the single site license and use Viral Quiz Builder to create highly engaging and traffic-generating quizzes on one WordPress website!

Available for only $39!

Also includes free updates for life!

Sign up now to get started building viral quizzes right away!

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P.S.: How many of your competitors are using something like viral quizzes on their sites? Not many, right? This plugin is a great way to add that something extra to your site and make it stand out from the crowd!

P.P.S.: Good things come to those who do. I hope I’ll hear back from you with a case study or testimonial about Viral Quiz Builder soon!